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KaragandyZhyluSbyt LLP

KaragandyZhyluSbyt LLP is an electricity supply company, providing consumers in Karaganda City, Aktas Township, Saran Town, as well as partially in Abai and Bukhar-Zhyrau districts with electricity and heat. The entity was founded on August 1, 2007 on the basis of the Sales and payment collection department of Karaganda Zhylu LLP. The number of employees is more than 300 people.

karagandy zhili sbit

Aims and objectives of KaragandyZhyluSbyt LLP:

• Ensuring sustainable heat and electricity supply;
• High-quality customer service;
• Ensuring the collection of payments for services rendered;
• Expansion of the sales market;
• Implementation of the billing.

A complete and reliable information base of consumers has been established in the organization; unique software that can be integrated with other IT-products is being used; advances in information technology in consumers’ service (payment acceptance via ATM, online banking, terminals) have been applied. The company is actively engaged in the development and implementation of projects, which are intended to improve the quality of public services.

The projects are as following:
Opening cash points to receive payments from the population, thus reducing the amount of bank charges;
The introduction of a single receipt, which brings together accounts for electricity, heat, water and "Alma-TV". This step is of great social importance, since it makes the service much more convenient for the customers. In the future, the organization will create the City billing service system for people on the basis of KaragandyZhyluSbyt LLP.

Raschetnyi servisnyi center LLP


Raschetnyi servisnyi center LLP is an electricity supply company serving the towns of Shakhtinsk, Abay and 82 settlements of Buhar Zhyrau and Abay districts of Karaganda Region. The registration date is October 7, 2003.

The number of consumers is about 50 000 individuals and 1 500 legal entities.
The volume of electricity sales in 2011 was more than 180 mln. kWh.
The mission of Raschetnyi servisnyi center LLP is to ensure the reliability of electricity supply in the whole service area.

• Organization of quality and uninterrupted power supply to consumers;
• Increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of the company;
• Improving the efficiency of energy supply activities.

Energopotok LLP

Energopotok LLP is a power supply company in Shymkent City. It was established on July 9, 2003.


Цель компании - обеспечение качественного и бесперебойного снабжения потребителей города Шымкент электрической энергией.

The company's goal is to provide Shymkent consumers with a quality and uninterrupted electricity supply.

32 cashier desks of the company around the city receive payments for the consumed electric energy.

In order to improve relations with consumers and improve the quality of customer service, Call-center was founded in March 2010, and in August of the same year Contact Center (Call-center branch) was opened. They have combined a center for receiving complaints, inquiries, consumer suggestions as well as a center for issuing electricity bills.

Ontustik Zharyk LLP

ontustik zharikOntustik Zharyk LLP is an organization that supplies electricity to South Kazakhstan Region. It has 18 regional and 2 city sales area in its structure. The company serves approximately 360 000 subscribers, including 11 000 legal entities. The number of staff is 363 employees

Aims and objectives of the company:
• Providing the population with electricity;
• An automated billing and payment system
• Professional development of company employees;
• Introduction of electronic document management system.

The Company believes that its priority in work is paying special attention to customers and clients. The daily activities of Ontustik Zharyk LLP are guided by fair and transparent attitude to employees, encouraging business initiatives and innovative solutions to improve the quality of delivered services. Today the Company has its own development strategy, and is improving information technology.

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