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Our achievements

Over 14 years of presence in the energy market of the country Kazakhstan Utility Systems Group of companies has implemented a large-scale work on modernization of production, resulting in the fact that a stable development dynamics in all enterprises of the Group has been achieved.

Karaganda Energocenter LLP

karaganda energocenterKaraganda CHPP-1 and CHPP-3 generated over 4.429 billion kWh of electric power and 3.3 million Gcal of heat in 2021. There has been an increase in the production of electric power over the past 10 years, due to the large-scale projects implemented for CHPP-3 extension, where a new turbine unit and a unit, including a new boiler unit and a turbine, were assembled in the period from 2012 to 2016. By new equipment, Karaganda CHPP-3 has reached an electric capacity of 670 MW, a heat capacity of 1432 Gcal/h Gcal, and became the largest CHPP in Kazakhstan supplied.

The generated electrical power and heat have been almost completely supplied to the consumers. In 2021, own-need power consumption was reduced by the plants and fuel oil savings occurred compared to 2020 and 2012. These indicators are associated with the annual implementation of planned overhauls and maintenance of equipment and measures aimed at further high-quality power supply and power efficiency improvement.

In preparation for the 2021-2022 heating season, 16 boilers and 10 turbines were repaired. The boiler equipment underwent overhauls of 3 boilers and maintenance of 13 boiler units. Overhauls of 3 turbines and maintenance of 7 turbine units were carried out on turbine equipment. A large amount of work was done with auxiliary equipment and ash disposal area. Special attention was paid to solving issues of heat supply quality. The heating equipment was prepared: cleaning, flushing and necessary repair and preparation work were carried out on water heaters and peak boilers. A complete replacement of insulation has been made on the supply pipeline located on the territory of the CHPP-3. All these measures will increase the temperature at the output to the heating system.

Karagandy Zharyk LLP

karagandi zharikKaragandy Zharyk LLP is a leading electric grid company of Karaganda district. The company annually updates and expanding its energy infrastructure. Under the company's investment program Karagandy Zharyk LLP reconstructed and built more than 506 kilometers of power transmission lines, as well as carried out major repairs of 406 kilometers of overhead lines-35-110- 220 kW. 20% of the total number of its transformer substations has been reconstructed. During the period from 2015 to 2021, electricity losses were reduced from 9.9% to 7.64%, and transformer capacity was increased in the same period from 3718 kW to 4086 kW.

In 2016, Karagandy Zharyk LLP built and reconstructed more than 148.5 km of power lines (KL-6-10kW, KL 0.4kW, KVL-0.4 kV, KVL-0.4 kW). 119 TP (CTU) and CTUG units were also reconstructed and installed.

In 2017, Karagandy Zharyk LLP upgraded 78 units of TP (CTU) and CTUG. Work was carried out on the construction and reconstruction of 89.6 km of power transmission lines (KL-6-10kW, KL 0.4 kV, CTU-0.4 kW, CTU-0.4 kW).

In 2018, Karagandy Zharyk LLP reconstructed the CRP-6kW, and also installed and modernized 139 complete transformer substations and complete transformer substations of urban type. Also, 126.07 km of power lines were built and reconstructed (KL-6-10kW, KL 0.4kW, overhead line-0.4kW, overhead line-0.4kW), and an additional overhaul of 153.8 kilometers of overhead lines was carried out-35-110- 220kW.

In 2019, Karagandy Zharyk LLP completed the construction and commissioned the Tikhonovka 110/10 kW substation, which significantly increased the reliability of power supply for consumers of all categories of the Alikhan Bokeykhan district. About 20 MW of electric power will be additionally transported through the Tikhonovka substation, which will provide reliable power transmission to socially important facilities, such as a maternity hospital, schools, kindergartens. Also, the implementation of the project will also provide additional impetus for the development of stakeholders of small and medium-sized businesses.

In 2020, Karagandy Zharyk LLP reconstructed the Saran substation 220/110/10 kW. Technical modernization of PS-35 and 110 kW in the amount of 31 units was carried out.

In 2021, Karagandy Zharyk LLP carried out the installation of hardware and software complex monitoring, measurements, alarm and communication of the upper level of 35-220 kW SCADA (stage 1).

Ust-Kamenogorsk CHP LLP

uktetsUst-Kamenogorsk CHP LLP (UK CHP LLP) is a combined heat and power plant located in the east of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk. It is the largest CHP plant in the region.

The production of heat and electricity, which is the main activity of the Facility, is carried out in a combined way. To this date, 9 boiler units and 8 turbine units have been installed at the station. The thermal power generated by the station covers more than 80% of the load of the housing and utilities sector of the city. Provides thermal power to the largest industrial facilities in the region, such as Kazzinc LLP and UMP JSC.

One of the major investment projects in 2013-2016 was the construction of a turbine unit No. 12. The investment volume for the installation of a new turbine amounted to 11 billion 484 million tenge.

The project for the construction and commissioning of a new turbine unit No. 12 had produced the following goals:
• meeting the increased needs of consumers in the supply of electrical energy;
• provision of production electric power with efficient modern technological equipment;
•  additional generation of electricity according to the heating cycle;
• increasing the efficiency of the plant by using excess high-pressure steam through a steam turbine, as well as using steam resulting from extraction for process steam supply and city heating (cogeneration), instead of steam reduction in reduction-cooling units (RCU). The new 120 MW turbine generates about 800 million kWh per year.

The implementation of the project has significantly increased the efficiency and reliability of the plant. The new turbine unit has an air-cooling generator instead of hydrogen-air, which has improved fire safety. The operator can control the turbine unit using modern automatic systems; to prevent the development of an emergency situation, a modern microprocessor protection system and a vibration monitoring system for the turbine unit were installed.

In recent years, the Facility has significantly increased the expenses on the investment activities. Since 2017, UK CHP LLP has carried out a number of activities for the reconstruction and modernization of equipment, expansion of energy capacities, in order to obtain positive results, the main of which are as follows:

1. Electricity generation increased by 416.7 million kWh (23.8%), electricity supply increased by 360.8 million kWh (24.6%). Increased average annual electric power by 47.6 MW (by 23.8%);
2. Share of own electricity consumption decreased from 15.54% to 14.98% (as a percentage);
3. Reduced fuel oil consumption by 510 tonnes (33.3%);
4. Power factor increased by 12.8%. Heat efficiency coefficient increased by 1.8%;
5. Specific reference fuel consumption for power supply decreased by 3.4 kgce/Gcal (or 1.9%);
6.  Average annual steam load on boiler units was increased from 1074 to 1252 t/h (by 178 t/h or 16.6%).

Mangystau Regional Electricity Network Company JSC

mangistauFor more than half a century, MRENC JSC (Mangystau Regional Electricity Network Company) has been the largest enterprise in Mangystau region, focused on the transmission and distribution of electrical energy to oil and gas enterprises, industrial and social facilities, as well as the population of Mangystau region.

Every year, MRENK JSC conducts construction and active modernization of its energy facilities. Work to improve the reliability of equipment is carried out within the framework of the approved Investment Program. In 2020, MRENC JSC successfully completed the implementation of the Investment Program for 2016-2020, during which more than 27 billion tenge was spent. In five years, 55 substations were modernized, and overhead lines with a length of 236.646 km were built.

In 2016, a new facility, the Regional Dispatch Center (RDC), was put into operation. The main purpose of its creation is to ensure uninterrupted, guaranteed and reliable operation of the energy system of Mangystau region.

MRENK JSC became the first company in Kazakhstan that completely switched to an automated system for the commercial accounting of electricity (ASKUE), which allows you to fully account for and control electrical energy from the supplier to the transfer to the consumer.
In 2019, the company also began to implement a SCADA system at substations.
In 2019, the construction of power transmission lines (TL-220kV) from Aktau towards the «Karazhanbas» oil field and from the «Uzen» substation to «Plato» substation was completed with the replacement of transformers.
In 2020, MRENC JSC completed the construction of a power transmission line (TL10 kV) in Karakiya district for peasant farms.
In 2020, in order to develop tourism in Mangystau region, MRENC JSC successfully completed the construction of a 10 kV power transmission line (double-circuit overhead power line) with a length of 10.5 km with the replacement of 1x2.5 MVA power transformers with 2x16 MVA at the «Baza-otdykha» substation in area «Teplyi plyazh» to the hotel complex «Rixos Aktau».

Ontustik Zharyk Transit LLP

ontustik zharik tranzitOver the past 5 years, Ontustik Zharyk Transit LLP has modernized 58 substations, and also built overhead power transmission line with a length of 4,952 km. In addition, cable lines CL-10-0.4 kV with a length of 44.5 km were reconstructed. Also, 726 units of 10/0.4 kV TS/PTS (transformer substations/package transformer substations) were upgraded.

In 2017 Ontustik Zharyk Transit LLP began the implementation of an automated commercial electricity metering system (ACEMS). To date, 446 metering instruments (MI) have been installed at 42 substations. 35,092 metering instruments were installed at 238 TS/PTS.

Over the past 5 years, power lines have been built in 6 residential areas, 5 settlements, 6 microdistricts of Shymkent city. As part of these works, 0.4 kV self-supporting insulated cables with a length of 226.208 km were laid, 78 units of 10/0.4 kV TS\PTS were installed.
During the same time, power lines with a length of 40.138 km were built in 12 villages of the Turkestan region and 9 units of TS/PTS were installed.

In 2015, major projects for the construction of a 110 kV indoor substation «Severnaya» with a capacity of 2 * 40 mVA and 110 kV «Nursat» with a capacity of 2 * 40 mVA were implemented in Shymkent.

In 2020, a 110 / 10-10 kV indoor substation «Yassy» with a capacity of 2 * 40 mVA with 110 kV lines in the Otyrar - microdistrict of Turkestan was built and set in operation.

In 2021, the construction of a 35/10kV substation with a capacity of 6.3mVA was completed in the Sairam district.

KaragandyZhyluSbyt LLP

karagandi zhilu sbitKaragandyZhyluSbyt LLP has many years of successful experience in working with consumers, throughout the entire time it initiates and implements high service standards, new services for its subscribers. The number of consumers of the sales company is growing from year to year, which naturally entails an increase in the volume of sales of electricity and heat.

Over the past 5 years, a steady increase in the number of consumers of Karagandy ZhyluSbyt LLP has been confirmed, so from 2017 to 2021 this number increased by 13 550 consumers. Among them are legal entities - 500, individuals – 13 050. To date, the number of consumers of the company is: individuals - more than 197 thousand, legal entities - more than 5 thousand.

This positive dynamics is due to the complex development of the city of Karaganda: residential buildings, business centers, social facilities are being built and put into operation, the number of small and medium-sized businesses is growing.

For comfortable service, KaragandyZhyluSbyt LLP introduces, maintains and develops services for customers.
An «electronic queue» system has been installed in the operating room of the company's central office - this allows streamlining the reception of visitors, optimizing the company's work, enhancing its image and improving the quality of service. More than 350 subscribers are served daily by the company.

Also, consumers can contact the corporate WhatsApp number for all questions related to the provision of public services. To increase the efficiency and efficiency of the company's activities in servicing subscribers, territorial sections and a reference and information service for working with the population are working. The Company's Call Center receives up to 450 calls from consumers daily. The main number of appeals is related to changes in the personal data of subscribers, the number of registered residents at a particular address, the heated area of the property, the required list of documents, and the opening of personal accounts for electro and heat energy.

On the Company's official website www.kzs.kz, the «Personal Account» system operates - consumers independently study information about the current state of the account, print out a receipt, submit an online application for changing personal data.

Clients get acquainted with the changes in the activities of KaragandyZhyluSbyt LLP in social networks on the corporate pages of Instagram and Facebook.

Since 2016, the MHEN Maintenance Service has been operating as part of the Company, providing services for the professional operation of common building engineering networks. Professional maintenance of common house networks provides for a comprehensive repair of MHEN, and then their long-term service operation. For five years, 85 contracts for the maintenance of multi-storey buildings in the city have been concluded.

Energopotok LLP

dostizheniya 3The main aim of Energopotok LLP is to ensure the high quality of services provided to consumers. Since 2018, the number of consumers of Energopotok LLP has increased by almost 80 thousand, among which 71,427 are individuals and 7,741 are legal entities. Thus, today the total number of consumers of Energopotok LLP is 678,113, among which 646,261 are individuals and 31,832 are legal entities.

Within the digitalization, due to the convenience of consumers, since March 2021, the Personal Account for Legal Entities Internet service has been provided for legal entities, thanks to which you can effectively manage services and receive a service with the ability to use EDS (electronic digital signature) when signing documents.

Since February 2021, Telegram and Whatsapp bots have been introduced to provide individuals with a payment document in electronic form, as well as the opportunity to receive online consultations on electricity supply issues. Consumers can receive not only information on current energy supply issues, but also receive feedback through Facebook and Instagram services.

To date, Energopotok LLP has 18 contact centers in the Turkestan region and 3 contact centers in Shymkent.

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