Цели. Ответственность компании

Цели. Ответственность компании

The purpose of KUS LLP is the creation of a new value of the Company, maintaining profitability and stability of the business, ensuring the shareholders return on invested capital by increasing the value of assets.

To achieve this goal the Company uses all available opportunities, including the reduction of costs, increase of operational efficiency, products and services quality improvement, as well as the use of new advanced technologies.

Responsibility to the State is to provide it with:

  • network capacity, energy assets of the Company, to meet the growing demand for electricity and heat;
  • adequacy and reproducibility of the resource base, efficient cost management;
  • effective and well-thought-out management of the funds invested in the Company, as well as minimization of investment risks;
  • approval of the Company’s and regional development plans so as to meet the future needs of the regions in the energy supply.

Responsibility to shareholders – the protection and realization of the rights and interests of the shareholders, through the further development of corporate governance (in terms of increasing the value of assets) based on current local and international standards.

Responsibility to customers – providing reliable and quality electricity and heat supply, as well as ensuring a transparent validation of the tariff policy.

Responsibility to the environmental community and to future generations – reducing the negative impact on the environment through the introduction of environmentally friendly and safe technologies of generation, power transmission, energy conservation, as well as by improving the efficiency of the Company's environmental management.

Responsibility to suppliers and contractors – creating a transparent competitive environment and fulfilling all commitments imposed on the Company.

Responsibility to the staff, corporate social responsibility – ensuring stable and competitive level of wages, creating decent and safe working conditions, giving opportunities for professional growth; assistance to socially vulnerable people.