Безопасность труда

Безопасность труда

Management of KUS LLP considers the labor protection, health and safety of workers as an integral part of its activity and the foremost duty of the administrative staff at all levels. Since the Company was found, the amount of funds annually deducted for ensuring health and safety increased several times.

KUS LLP has set itself the following objectives in the field of industrial safety and labor protection:

  • Create healthy and safe working conditions at every workplace.
  • Reduce the level of workplace injuries.
  • Reduce the level of occupational diseases.

To achieve these objectives special Security, Labor Protection, Civil Defense and Emergency services were established at each company of the Group. They carry out their activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the guidance and teaching materials on health and safety, systems for safety standards, unified industry safety regulations in various areas of industrial activity, as well as other normative-legal acts on industrial safety and labor protection.

Each subsidiary has developed its internal set of rules on labor protection and industrial activity safety, but the main one principle for all companies is the principle of priority of the workers’ life and health in relation to the results of production activities.