Природоохранная деятельность

Природоохранная деятельность

For the population in the presence regions of KUS LLP, the Company is not only a guarantor of high quality service, but also a guarantor of maintaining the ecological balance.
The generation sector presented by Karaganda Energocenter, each year enters into a contract for compulsory environmental insurance according to article 107 of Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The independent, accredited laboratories constantly carry out:

  • Air monitoring at the border of sanitary protective zone of CHPP and the ash dumps;
  • monitoring the ash dumps to secondary land contamination;
  • conduct monitoring observations over the quality of drinking water and network water;
  • radiation monitoring of slag waste, fuel oil and coal.

To improve the ecology of Karaganda Region and to prevent negative impacts on the environment, Karaganda Energocenter LLP conducts the following environmental protection measures:

  • annual recess of ash waste from the ash dump of Karaganda CHPP-1 (for land reclamation of Karagandaugol production enterprise);
  • repair and quarterly regime-commissioning trials of dust extraction plants at CHPP-1 and CHPP-3;
  • landscaping of ash dumps and industrial sites.
On September 10, 2010 Karaganda Energocenter LLP received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of ST RK ISO 14001-2006 "Environmental Management Systems. Requirements".

All subsidiaries conduct the work on preventing or limiting a direct or indirect impact of pollutants on the environment. Operation of electrical installations, industrial equipment, auto transport vehicles and special mechanisms is carried out in compliance with established sanitary standards and environmental requirements.
Discharge of waste and waste water is performed into a sewerage system, and the production activity waste removal – into a special place of utilization and disposal. For substations with oil-filled equipment the performance of sumps and drains is provided.
At each stage of the production process KUS LLP makes every effort to minimize the negative impact on the environment, keeping it clean and pristine for future generations.