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Transport and distribution

Karagandy Zharyk LLP

karagandi zharikKaragandy Zharyk LLP specializes in the operation of electric networks of 0.4-220 kV intended for the power supply to urban, industrial and agricultural consumers in Karaganda City and Karaganda Region. The company was established on March 1, 2003 on the basis of high-voltage electrical networks (HEN) and low-voltage electrical networks (LEN), which formerly were the part of Karaganda Distribution Company.

The service area of ​​ Karagandy Zharyk LLP is 21.39 thousand km2. The boundaries of the electric network districts are set based on the volume and configuration of the network according to the administrative-territorial division of Karaganda Region and Karaganda City. For the implementation of operational and maintenance services of substation equipment, power and communication lines, buildings and structures, within Karagandy Zharyk LLP, 15 areas of electrical networks as well as 16 production and service departments were organized.

Technical specifications of Karagandy Zharyk LLP:
• Overhead power lines 0.4-110 kV - 4830 km;
• Cable power lines 0.4-35 kV - 1420km;
• 220-110-35kV substations - 106 units.
• The volume of services – 54,700 conventional units. Number of employees - 1600.

Karagandy Zharyk LLP is a strategic, life-sustaining entity. The Company has implemented a number of important investment projects, which are essential for the further successful development of the electric power industry in Central Kazakhstan.

For example, the construction of 110 kV overhead line CHPP-3 – New City has allowed to achieve the following results:
• Possibility of connecting additional electric power capacities (including small and medium-sized enterprises, entities of social and domestic purposes and housing);
• Increase in reliability of the power supply to consumers of all categories;
• Improvement in the quality of provided services;
• Reduction of excessive losses in electricity during its transmission.

Karagandy Zharyk LLP successfully implements annual maintenance and investment programs aimed primarily at changing the configuration of low-voltage network, in order to reduce the magnitude of normative losses.

Ontustik Zharyk Tranzit LLP

ontustik zharik tranzitOntustik Zharyk Tranzit LLP is a power grid company in Turkestan Region, operating electric networks and substations with voltage of 110/35/6-10/0.4 kV.

Ontustik Zharyk Tranzit LLP provides services of transmission and/or distribution of electric power via its power grids from the border of balance sheet attribution and operational responsibility with energy sources (Shar HPP JSC, 3-Energoortalyk JSC, 220 FSHMES JSC KEGOC substation) to the border of balance sheet attribution and operational responsibility with consumers.

The enterprise consists of 16 regional electricity networks, located in an area of ​​117.3 thousand km2. The region has 898 settlements, including 4 cities of regional subordination: Shymkent, Arys, Turkestan and Kentau.

Main activities of Ontustik Zharyk Tranzit LLP:
• Transmission and distribution of electricity;
• Operation of electric networks and substations of all types (transformer substations, switchgear, relay protection and automation);
• Maintenance (condition diagnostics, restoration of serviceability or working capacity of a technical device, replacement of elements, mending, damage removal), emergency, repair and overhaul of power equipment;
• Repair of measuring instruments.

The number of employees of the company is more than 3 000 people.

Mangistau Electricity Distribution Network Company (MEDNC), JSC

mangistau imageIs focused on the transmission and distribution of electricity in the Mangistau region. The main volume of electricity consumption, transported through the networks of JSC MEDNC, falls on the oil and gas sector of the Mangistau region. The share of JSC MEDNC in the electricity distribution market of Mangistau region is 90%. The main priorities of JSC MEDNC are to ensure energy security in the region, increase the value of equity capital, social responsibility.

Technical characteristics of JSC MEDNC
• Air and cable power lines - 6,170 km.
• Power transformers with a total combined capacity of 1974.5 MVA - 535
• Substations 220-110-35 / 6-10kV - 57 units.
• Complete transformer substation – 428

JSC MEDNC transports over its networks more than 2.5 billion kW / h of electricity per year. The number of employees of the enterprise is 667 people.

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