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Modernization of the production process

Continuous improvement and implementation of new technologies at our enterprises - is one of the most important goals for us. To this end, we are implementing global investment programs and carry out the construction of new and modernization of existing energy facilities on a systematic basis.

Karaganda Energy Center LLP

karaganda energocenterCurrently, Karaganda Energy Center LLP is implementing an Investment program developed for 2021-2026. It is based on measures aimed at heat supply: technological pipelines of Karaganda CHPP-3 will be reconstructed to connect a new heat output pipeline. The project for the construction of 3 heat output pipelines is being implemented by the Akimat of the Karaganda region in order to provide centralized heat supply to the city's facilities under construction. To put this facility into operation, the company will have to assemble a pipeline with a length of about 2 km on the territory of CHPP-3. The implementation of this project will provide additional 135 thousand Gcals and provide heat for more than 1.2 million square meters of new housing, as well as business and social facilities.

In order to consistently address heat supply issues, the Investment Program provides for improving the quality of heating equipment and increasing heat output by replacing its main components. The commissioning of the 3rd heat output pipeline and the increase in the thermal load of the plant are associated with the third project of the Investment Program - the construction of No. 3 ash disposal area for CHPP-3, which will ensure the continuous operation of the plant and environmentally safe storage of ash and slag waste. The necessity of the project is connected with the end of the ash disposal area operation in 2024, and the need for a free capacity for ash storage.

Karagandy Zharyk LLP

karagandi zharikThe Investment program of Karagandy Zharyk LLP is purposed at improving and developing the energy system of the Karaganda region.

So, as part of the Investment program of 2021-2025, new 110 kW substations Novy Maikuduk, 110/35/6 kW substations Karaganda, Bolashak, Fedorovka will be built, a complete reconstruction of RTI and Botanic substations will be carried out. It is planned to install hardware and software complexes (upper 35-220 kW SCADA and lower 6/10 kW SCADA levels).

Work will also be carried out on the reconstruction and repair of power transmission lines.

Ust-Kamenogorsk CHP LLP

uktetsThe production of heat and electricity, which is the main activity of the Facility, is carried out in a combined way. To this date, 9 boiler units and 8 turbine units have been installed at the station. The thermal power generated by the station covers more than 80% of the load of the housing and utilities sector of the city. Provides thermal power to the largest industrial facilities in the region, such as Kazzinc LLP and UMP JSC.

One of the major investment projects in 2013-2016 was the construction of a turbine unit No. 12. The investment volume for the installation of a new turbine amounted to 11 billion 484 million tenge.

Ust-Kamenogorsk CHP LLP continues to modernize the installed equipment, maintain its reliability, as well as implement new projects aimed at maintaining regular heat and power supply to the East Kazakhstan region.

Construction of the boiler unit No. 16 and replacement of the turbine unit type T-60/65 No. 10 will increase the installed thermal power of the station by 252 Gcal/h and the installed electric power of the station by 15 MW, with an increase in the reliability and quality of operation of both the heat source itself and the city’s heat supply system and will increase the production of heat and electricity for consumers of the city and region.

Mangystau Regional Electricity Network Company JSC

mangistauIn 2021, MRENC JSC began implementing the activities of the new Investment Program for 2021-2025 for a total amount of more than 19 billion tenge.

Thus, in 2021, within the framework of the Investment Program, MRENC JSC completed the construction of a new substation “Yuzhnaya”, SS-110/10 kV with 2x25 MVA transformers in the «Teplyi plyazh» area of Aktau. To put the substation into operation, a new overhead line 110 kV with a length of 6 km was built. Also in 2021, specialists of MRENC JSC completed the construction of a double-circuit overhead power transmission line (TL-10 kV) with a length of 10.3 km in the «Teplyi plyazh» area. During the work, 256 supports were installed. For the safety of birds, modern protective devices are installed on the overhead lines.

In addition, in 2021, the specialists of MRENC JSC upgraded the water fire extinguishing system at two autotransformers of the «Uzen» substation 220/110/10 kV. Implemented the ASKUE system at substations «1G», «2G» , «3G», «Pribrezhnaya», «PS-4», «N-2», «Kuyulus», «RMZ», «Baza otdykha» and implemented a SCADA system at the substation PS-220/110/10kV «Uzen».

Over the past 5 years, the increase in the power of power transformers at the substations of MRENC JSC amounted to 31%. For the period from 2016 to 2020, spesialists of MRENC JSC replaced power transformers with electrical installations of greater capacity at the following substations: PS-35/6 kV «BKNS-2», PS-35/6 kV «BKNS-3» of the Zhetybai energy center, PS-35/6 kV «Vostochnaya», PS-35/6 kV «Glinzavod» of the Uzen power center, URPS-220/110/35/10 kV «Karazhanbas» of the Buzachi power center, PS-110/10 kV «Baza Otdykha», PS -110/10 kV «GPP-2G» and PS-110/10 kV «Pribrezhnaya».

Ontustik Zharyk Transit LLP

ontustik zharikOntustik Zharyk Transit LLP is systematically working on updating electrical networks in order to improve the quality and reliability of power supply to consumers. The Company is actively implementing the Investment Program for 2016-2022.

In addition, work on reconstruction of the power grid complex and the construction of new energy facilities are carried out.

Over the past 5 years, Ontustik Zharyk Transit LLP has modernized 58 substations, and also built overhead power transmission line with a length of 4,952 km. In addition, cable lines CL-10-0.4 kV with a length of 44.5 km were reconstructed. Also, 726 units of 10/0.4 kV TS/PTS (transformer substations/package transformer substations) were upgraded.

In 2017 Ontustik Zharyk Transit LLP began the implementation of an automated commercial electricity metering system (ACEMS). To date, 446 metering instruments (MI) have been installed at 42 substations. 35,092 metering instruments were installed at 238 TS/PTS.

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